Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Get Ready for Doggone Great Deals! It's Amazon Prime Day!

It's Amazon Prime Day!  Are you an Amazon Prime member?  If not, don't worry - you can grab a free 30 day trial, or a whopping six-months if you're a student. Yay! Prime Day deals are for members only, so you'll need to be a Prime member in order to take full advantage and bag some bargains. Check out the membership details/offer here:

We like to keep our ads and affiliate links pretty low-key around here - we're not into pop-ups and cramming products into your face, and that's not going to change. This is just a special edition in our posting line-up for Prime Day. Our blog is an Amazon affiliate (you can read our disclosures here), but as you can probably tell from my comments below about international memberships we like to keep things honest around here. :) 

Not sure about Prime of what it's all about?  You can explore the details and latest news at Prime Insider and read the Prime membership details for the full scoop. If you're a regular Amazon.com customer within Prime's free shipping areas, it's a great option for that benefit alone; however, there are way more benefits, including special deals, early sales, digital books, magazines, movies, music, and more.  If you're a frequent shopper in another Amazon region, like Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk, they have regional Prime memberships/offers. Awesome! If you're elsewhere in the world (like us) and shopping/shipping internationally, right now it's still a case-by-case call on how much added-value you think you'll get from the benefits that are available in your region. 

Ready, Set, Shopping!  Got your membership sorted? Time to shop! Prime Day is a great time to hunt for a doggone great bargain or two! Special and seasonal sales as well presents for as holidays and birthdays are a great time to refresh your pet supplies or stock-up on frequently used items. Prime Day has tons of special offers for pet lovers.  Toys and treats are always fun, but also have a look for items you may need to need to replace, like beds, blankies, leads, or collars which are only occasional but expensive buys so a great option for buying on sale.  Our boys usually wear Rogz collars and I use an EZY Dog Road Runner which allows me to be hands-free or hands on depending on location and situation. For hand-held walkies, I use an EZY Dog Zero Shock leash and have to say that it is well worth the money.  It wears extremely well despite our hard all-weather use and I love having the traffic control loop. For beds we have a combination of homemade and prefab, with our prefab favs being Molly Mutts. We've had the Molly Mutt beds for years and they still look great. No other store bought bed that we've owned has held up so well thus far, and I like their internal stuff-sacks for stuffing with whatever we want and ease of cover cleaning.

If you've been thinking about trying some DIY dog toys or other pet crafts, it's a good time to look for supplies and tools for your projects.  Prime Day has special deals for artists and crafters. If you're keen to bake some treats or start making you own homemade dog foods, Prime Day has special offers for home chefs too.

Of course, if your pets are like mine, nothing beats a great cardboard box. They're great helpers at prepping used packaging for the recycling bin. Poor Humphrey was so glum posing for the photo above when he wanted the green light for riptastic ripping, which, of course, followed straight after the photo. Oli wanted in on the fun too - clever old boy is quite deft at opening things while Humphrey is more of an ad-hoc shredder. :)

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