Thursday, 4 May 2017

No Rolling? No Problem! Simple Shortcut for Baked Dog Treats

Make it in May!  I'd love to bake my dog homemade treats, but I just don't have the time... Sound familiar? Today's easy share is not a specific treat recipe, but a shortcut for those of you who want to make dog treats but can't be bothered with the muss and fuss of rolling dough and cutting shapes. Hand forming the dough into bite-sized balls and flattening (like a mini peanut butter cookie) is always an alternative, but that also takes time and may be a bigger or bulkier treat than you'd like to create.  Not to worry! Almost any roll-and-cut style treat dough can be converted with this simple shortcut for making baked dog treats en masse in any size you wish.  Easy peasy!

To take the shortcut to quick and simple bite-sized baked dog treats, preheat the oven and prepare your treat dough according to your chosen recipe recipe. You can find all of our shaped treats here, and the pictured treats are our pumpkin and salmon treats.  It's an easy healthy dough, and the treats are stinkily delicious which makes them high value for the dogs, and even our very pick cat will occasional slink over for a nibble or two - see below. 

In a prepared baking dish, break apart the dough and gently pat into big flat pancake. If your pan is larger than your desired thickness for volume of dough, simply pat the outside into a roughly even edge.   Use a knife to cut lines into the dough to form small squares. These will not hold as cuts in the unbaked dough, but will become scoring lines that make it easy to break apart the baked treats into even pieces. You can - of course - cut of free-form break after baking if you prefer.    Bake the treats, the remove from the oven, cool slightly and break or cut apart. As an option, you can return the treats to the oven if you'd like to bake the pieces a little more or dehydrate them. I find that treats baked in a big sheet home more moisture during baking so I pop mine into the oven and let it cool down with the treats inside. Whichever method you choose, cool the treats before serving and storage.

Personally, I still prefer my little fondant/cookie plunger cutters (see the post about how I discovered the magic of that technique here) for quickly making lots of little treats, but that technique requires rolling out the dough.  This is definitely a very quick option if you're time poor or just not feeling like taking on the extra effort - your dogs will be all about the tasty treats and not their actual shape! :) Woofs!

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