Friday, 12 May 2017

Have a Doggone Great Mother's Day!

Happy (almost!) Mother's Day to all the pawesome Moms, Mothers, Mums, Grannies, Nannas, and other mother-figures celebrating this weekend - whether human, canine, or both!  Today we're talking about being a Dog Mom, as well as rounding up some doggone great ideas for having a pawesome Mother's Day with your dog. If you're in need of a little self-diagnosis, here are some signs that you might be a crazy Dog Mom:
  1. Your dog sets your daily schedule.
  2. Your phone is full of pictures of your dog. 
  3. Your dog has more cutesy nicknames than your husband or partner.
  4. You have full conversations with your dogs. Bonus points if you also narrate their side.
  5. You know all the local dogs by name, but can never remember the names of their humans.
  6. You plan your wardrobe around dog fur compatibility and ease of rollering.
  7. Your car looks like a fur and slobber bomb exploded inside of it. 
  8. No matter how bad a day you're having, your dog can always make you feel a bit better. 
  9. You feel guilty every time you have to leave your dog. 
  10. You love to Skype or Facetime with the dog when you're away from home.
  11. You bring special presents and souvenirs home for the dogs when you've been away. 
  12. You have framed photos of your pets proudly displayed on the wall.
  13. You sign their names to your family Christmas cards. Bonus points for inky paw prints.
  14. You sleep in crazy contorted positions so as not to disturb your bed hogging blanket thieving furbaby.
  15. You have trouble sleeping in a bed without the dog when you're away from home.
  16. You cry watching dog movies, reading dog books, or just because a sad story popped up in your newsfeed.
  17. You spend more time and money taking care of the dog than you do yourself. 
  18. You'll do anything to keep your dog safe, secure, and happy.
Sound familiar?  You're not alone!  In fact, science has your back on this one too! From brain imaging scans of the dog mom response to photos of their beloved kids both human and fur to soulful eye gazing, it's puppy love indeed! So fellow crazy Dog Moms, what are you doing for Mother's Day?  Helping your generous dogs buy a special present or two for their beloved fur Mother perhaps? :) Yes indeed! Treats for Momma! Of course, material gifts are no substitute for together time and making memories. If you can, set aside some time on Mother's Day weekend for quality time together, preferably doing something that both you and your dog really enjoy, like walkies, training, a run, hiking, a car ride, trip to the beach, or simply some extra special playtime. Don't forget to take a few photos of you and your furry family having fun together. Exhausted from all that fun? Reward yourself and your dog with a tasty treat or two, then curl up together and relax with a few special snuggles and bask in the Mother's Day love!

A special shout out to all of the real human Moms and mother-figures celebrating this weekend as well. Thank you in particular for raising nice people with kind hearts who love animals and have a good sense of humour to appreciate our doggone silly furry fun! :)  However you choose to spend your weekend, we hope it's a pawesome one!  Have fun and enjoy some quality time together - whether with people, pets, or both! Woofs!

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