Monday, 21 December 2015

Crafty Christmas Ideas for Dogs + Dog Lovers

Christmas is almost here!  Wednesday's recipe (a Christmas treat, of course!) will be out last post of the year before we take a break with family and friends, and before we wrap up for the holidays, we wanted to recap some of the fun DIYs shared during the year that we will be revisiting during our own Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

DIY pet pawprints (and children's handprints if you have wee humans at home) are a fun way to mark the year and are a great keepsake for dog owners.  To turn them into ornaments, simply make a hole before drying or drill when cured.  If using salt dough instead of air dry clay, make sure that the dough (and finished ornament) are kept well clear of curious mouths. Excessive salt can make your pets very ill. Of course, dog ornaments in all forms are fun for dog-loving homes. You can also check out our recent guest post on how to turn an inexpensive paper or plastic figurine into a snazzy faux-metallic dog decoration.   Mine looks great guarding my dog books in the office. :)

Anyone looking closely at the pictures of the dog-attack on our DIY dog bone Christmas treat wreath may have noticed new matching bandanas.  This year's festive bandana was made using the same simple no-sew dog bandana DIY as Humphrey's birthday bandanas. All you need is a little fabric remnant, pinking shears, and a few minutes.  Easy peasy! On the subject of Humphrey's birthday DIYs, we'll also be recycling a few toilet paper rolls and tissue paper into quick and simple dog party poppers for our holiday feasts.  I'm pretty confident that Oli and Humphrey will have a lot of ripping fun over the coming days! We gift wrap their presents as well, usually using newspaper and packaging kraft paper kept from recent deliveries or similar.  It looks cute in their Christmas stockings, is tons of free fun for the dogs, and goes straight into our recycling during clean up. Win win for everyone!

We have made MANY different variations of our fleece box knot woven DIY dog toys. in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours.  Making toys in festive holiday colours is an easy way to create a DIY gift for payful pups.  I'm thinking candy cane colours for this year's Christmas stocking stuffers at our place.  Of course, there will also be plenty of treats to go around!

Finishing up your last minute shopping?  Here are a few more pressie ideas for pet lovers. See you again soon! 

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