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Friday, 22 December 2017

Easy DIY Holiday Scarves for Matchy Matchy Family Photos!

I set myself the challenge this year of trying to get a furfamily Christmas photo.  Our dogs love posing solo, but are definitely not interested in posing together as you would have seen in a few funny shares here on the blog and our social media over the years.  Like typical kids being forced to pose for pictures by Mom, and all the more grumpy faces if they are (gasp!) forced to pose in matching outfits.  The horror!  Add the cat to the mix and it's total chaos. 

Was I successful? Not quite... Hubby is not in the pics as two dogs and a cat plus tripod is a recipe for camera disaster and trying to hold the cat while getting the dogs to cooperate and not harass each other or poor Tiger was too much of an undertaking for my grudgingly cooperative cameraman.  All things considered, we did pretty well on separate shots though!  Before you start thinking I'm a total crazy lady, check out these stats from Minted on the rising popularity of pets in holiday greetings. Dogs dogs dogs!  Take that, Tiger. Just kidding, of course. My mane man is an important part of the family too!

It's sizzling summertime here, so matching Christmas accessories are not too practical. I kept things easy and inexpensive by whipping up a few very simple scarves with plaid polar fleece. Scarves are very quick to make, and can be no-sew or sewn depending on your preference for thickness and wrap/tie method.  I made two different styles - a no-sew double wrap scarf for me and simple sewn single wrap scarves for the furkids.  Sum total of materials used was around $3 (extra cheap since I bought the fleece on sale) and making the scarves took around 10 minutes total. Way less than trying to take the photos. Hahaha...

To make your own simple scarves, you will need plaid polar fleece (thick/heavy weight is best to hold shape) or similar no-ravel material and scissors. A rotary cutter and cutting mat are handy for getting things straight, but plaid has the advantage of built-in lines to follow for cutting which helps if you are using only scissors. If you are making the single wrap scarf with loop, you will need sewing supplies. It can be hand sewn if you wish, but will be much quicker/easier if you have a sewing machine. Only very basic sewing skills are needed. I made my scarf double as I will likely be wearing mine when our chilly winter weather rolls around but kept the boys scarves single layer to economise fabric and lighten the weight as they're for special dress-up only. I actually had to trim little rascal Humphrey's a little shorter so he couldn't bite and pull it...extra plaid for my fleece scrap stash!

Basic Fleece Double Wrap Scarf (like I'm wearing in the photos): 
For this style of scarf, the scarf length needs to be sufficient to fold in half, wrap the doubled fabric around your neck, and pass the ends through the loop with enough excess to hold in place when tightened.  Tail length is discretionary to your preferences.
  • Cut a long strip of fleece to desired width and length (see note above).  I used the full edge-to-edge length of my fleece to minimise waste. Ensure all cuts are straight and even.
  • Trim to remove any selvage edges if/as needed. Done!

Basic Fleece Single Wrap Scarf with Loop (like all three pets are wearing in the photos):
For this style of scarf, the scarf length needs to be sufficient to create a sewn loop at one end, wrap around your neck, and pass the free end through the loop with enough excess to hold in place when tightened.  Tail length is discretionary to your preferences.
  • Cut a long strip of fleece to desired width and length (see note above).  Ensure all cuts are straight and even.
  • Fold one end to create a small loop, suitable to pass the free end through.
  • Sew to secure the folded end. Tip: I used the selvage end when making the loop, and double folded the edge before sewing. Less waste and a little more stylish/secure as a hemmed line too. 
  • Trim to remove any selvage edges from the free end of the scarf if/as needed. Done!

From our crazy furfamily to you and yours, we wish you a very Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!  2018 will be the Year of the Dog, but we have to wait until February for that (what year isn't the year of the dog in reality though....hehehe...). We'll be online periodically through the holiday break, including some background blog maintenance (apologies if anything get's a little wonky looking while under construction) and popping in on our social media.  Posting will resume from mid January. See you again in 2018!  Woofs!

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