Monday, 5 June 2017

We're #WithNature - World Environment Day 2017

Today is World Environment Day, and the 2017 theme is all about connecting people to nature, encouraging everyone to get out there, explore, and enjoy. One of the great (although it might not always feel that way at the time!) things about life with dogs is that we're always out and about, no matter what the weather. It is a miserable stormy rainy day in our part of the world today, but we hit the local beach all the same. Check out Oli with the cool driftwood forts - someone had fun building on the beach over the weekend!

The beach is one of our dogs' favourite spots, and we are incredibly lucky to live near such a wonderful place and luckier still that it's dog-friendly. Grey and gloomy thought it may have been, we still had a great time getting some fresh air and our daily exercise. We did a little good as well, collecting rubbish from the beach as we strolled along. Win win!  It's World Oceans Day later this week, and this year's theme "Our Oceans, Our Future" is focused on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter. Every little bit helps!  

Take nothing but pictures (well...and poop/litter of course!) and leave nothing but pawprints. :) Looking for more eco-conscious and green(er) pet-related goodness? We have a growing Greener Pets board on Pinterest full of ideas. We're always looking for inspiration, so feel free to leave us a comment with ideas, links or suggested reads.

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