Thursday, 13 April 2017

Have a Doggone Great Easter! Dog Friendly Easter Ideas

Oliver and Humphrey would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend - especially those of you lucky enough to have an extra long weekend to enjoy together.  You can find all of our Easter related posts here including the ideas collaged above. We also have free Easter dog treat tag printables if you're keen to pretty up pressies for gifting! Remember to have fun, but stay safe furfriends! In particular, remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs and sugary sweets are no good either, so be sure to keep your human Easter treats well out of reach. 

Most human Easter treats are not suitable for sharing with your pet, but everyone LOVES a good treat...especially our dogs! Why not bake (or buy) a batch of your dog's favourite treats? Easter shapes totally optional - all you dog really wants is tasty, not pretty! :)  Looking for new recipes and ideas to try?  This year for Easter, we added easy instructions for Spring Flower Treats, Dog Cross Buns, Stamped Easter Eggs, and making homemade hard-set "royal icing" for dogs to our treat idea collection, but we have lots of other fun Easter and general treat ideas and recipes in our archives. Of course, sometimes the simplest things still bring the greatest happiness.  The easiest Easter dog treat of all might just be the humble healthy bunny-liscious carrot stick - one of Humphrey's personal favourites! :)  You can find all of our Easter related posts here and we also have a special board just for pet-friendly Easter ideas on Pinterest.  You can check out all doggone delicious DIY dog treat recipe ideas for even more inspiration.

The squeaky softie Easter Egg dog toys pictured in the collage above were super simple to sew and tons of fun for play, and Oli was so in love with his bunny toy, pictured above. Our post on how to assemble a dog-friendly Easter gift basket has lots of other ideas for DIY and ready-made Easter dog toys and you can dig through all of our fun DIY dog toy tutorials for more ideas.

Have a very Happy Easter and we'll be back again next week with more fun doggy DIYs.  There won't be a Monday recipe as we are going to power-down and spend some quality time having fun as a furfamily this long weekend, but we have a pawsitively pawesome special Earth Day post coming up next Friday where we'll give you a look inside our "toy hospital" where we repair and salvage damaged doggy toys for longer use. See you again soon! Woofs!

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