Friday, 16 December 2016

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Dogs + Their Humans

It's our final post of 2016!  We're wrapping up our December Barkmas bonanza and the blogging year with a double posting dose of festive inspiration. In this post we're sharing a round-up of DIY Christmas gifts for dogs from our archives and recent posts, a few of our tried-and-tested favourite pre-fab toys and products, and pet-themed gift ideas for dog loving humans. Check out the preceding post DIY Christmas Dog Treats + Gifts for Aspiring Pet Chefs for treat recipe ideas, a free holiday dog treat e-cookbook, and kitchen/cooking gift ideas for dog lovers.

As much as we love and spoil our pets, we still try to be somewhat practical about their holiday gift haul.  Santa Paws usually delivers a few fun new toys to refresh the discarded and worn (new rugby balls are an annual tradition) and I include a few fun finds along with some homemade toys.  The Christmas wreath tug and candy cane tug are currently tucked away along with our squeaky softie Christmas trees for holiday pressie play.  Humphrey's all time favourite store-bought toy is his Nerf Squeaky football. Based upon usual toy life, I didn't expect it to last (I bought two...) but they're still going stron g after two years of vigorous squeaking.  I can only handle the squeaking in small doses so its often hidden from him, but he LOVES squeaking it and both dogs sing/howl along with the squeaking.  Not recommended before morning coffee.  Hehe.  Even as a slowing senior, Oli still can't resist a big ball or a ball and stick, although we're very gentle with the play these days.

On a more practical side, we usually swap out collars on birthdays and leads/leashes at Christmas if/as needed from wear-and-tear.  Normally I would also include some oh-so-practical poop bags in their stockings, but this year I think my poo-bag wreath will last us quite a while. :)  

For the dog-loving humans on your list, doggy DIYs like treat jars, treat bags, etc are also great gifts for both pets and their owners.  Our dog DIY posts are available here, and you can check out our Pinterest boards of DIY for Dogs and DIY + Crafts for Pet Lovers for more ideas without needing to wade through the toy DIYs. :)  Dog-care items that are suited to shared activity, like a new running lead for joggers, safety lights for early/late outings, etc make good gifts for dog owners too. Of course, there are plenty of practical, educational, silly, and fun options too!  If you have a book lover on the list, check out our book ideas for dog lovers of all ages and interests and here are a few more last minute pressie ideas for pet lovers (check out last year's Christmas idea post for even more):

We'll be taking a blogging break for the next few weeks, but will check in on our comments, emails, and social media over the holidays as time allows.  Have a very Merry Barkmas and we'll see you again next year!

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