Friday, 9 December 2016

DIY Woven Fleece Christmas Candy Cane Dog Tug Toy

Calorie free candy cane tug toy fun! Why not work off some of those holiday goodies with a little festive playtime together? This candy cane tug toy is made using a twisted box knot weave to create it's pretty diagonal strips along with a sneaky hidden extra to create it's classic candy cane curve. Here's how to make your own!

The materials and craft supplies used in making the tug toy shown are:

  • Cut eight long strips of fleece (four red, four white of each colour) for the tug, one extra medium strips white, and (the bow is optional, but cute!) a shorter length of green for the bow. Length and width are at your discretion to scale the toy for your pet. 
  • Starting with your long candy cane strips, tie them together very tightly (you will be hiding this knot inside) close to one end.
  • Using a basic box weave create the first knot as follows:
  1. Spread the strips in a cross (+) shape (red and white opposite)
  2. Fold the top of the vertical strip towards the bottom
  3. Fold the bottom of the vertical strip towards the top
  4. Fold the right end of the horizontal strip towards the left, passing over then under
  5. Fold the left end of the horizontal strip towards the right, passing over then under
  6. Pull to secure. 
  • Flip so that this knot shows at the end of your tug (the end of your candy cane), trim excess from the ends if needed to ensure they are hidden inside.
  • Resume knotting from the other side, using the twisted box weaving method or the circle twist weaving method, which work the same for four-strand tugs, to give candy cane its diagonal colour banding. Weave until you are approximately 1/3 of the way through, the pause for the step below. 
  • Take your extra strand of white, tuck it under the inside of your weave and tie it close to one end. Ensure the long end is kept free (remains loose outside the tug at this stage) and that the short end is captured inside the weave as you continue, per below.
  • Resume the twisted box weaving method or the circle twist weaving method and continue weaving until you can no longer knot any further. Cut/tuck the ends to create a neatly finished end. 

  • Take the loose extra white strand and begin to carefully tuck it under/through and tie to tighten the starting end of your candy cane into a curve. Work carefully on the bottom/sides of your bend only, going back and forth as needed until the curve is shaped and relatively secure. Make sure, as best you can, that the extra knotting blends into your candy cane stripes. The tug will enviably loosen with stretchy play, but this additional knotting cinches the cane into a nice firm pretty hooked least until playtime begins! Once you're happy with the curve, trim and tuck any excess from the loose end.
  • If adding the optional bow, slip your  green strand through the middle of your cane where you'd like to place the bow.  Knot it securely in front, flip and knot at the back, then flip and Knot again at the front. Tie into a bow. Trim to even the ends, if needed.

Remember, this toy is for supervised interactive play.  Know your dog before giving him or her any new toy. Some dogs would rather eat their toys (whether store bought or handmade), and that's dangerous. Toys are for playing and playtime is safer (and more fun!) with you involved.  You can read more about dog toy safety here.

We have a Christmas post for you every weekday between now and the start of our offline holidays, with toys, decorations, treats, and more so stay tuned!  Have a pawesome weekend and we'll see you again on Monday, furfriends!

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