Monday, 1 August 2016

Olympic-Inspired DIY Dog Treat Ideas

With all of your fun new Olympic-inspired and patriotic toys (not to mention the wild cheering during bizarre TV watching hours over the next few weeks), you and you pup will be working up quite a hunger. Time for treats!  Of course, we have plenty of homemade treat recipe ideas of all different varieties, but here are a few special Olympic-inspired ideas. Make some donut-style ring treats with Olympic coloured dog-friendly glaze or tint your favourite neutral treat dough in Olympic colours. If your kiddos are helping, this is an excellent opportunity to talk about the symbology, history, meaning behind the colours used in the official Olympic symbols. As an easy alternative, dyed coconut is always a favourite for jazzing up any treat as sprinkles or for coating truffle treats, and panko makes an excellent substitute on savory treats. Dislike artificial colourings? Keep things simple with our easy gold medal dog treats or make a naturally tinted golden glaze by adding a little melted peanut butter and blackstrap molasses to a basic dog-friendly starch glaze. Athletes (and puptathletes) need healthy snacks. Dehydrated apple rings are an easy healthy treat to share together, or channel your Brazilian BBQ vibe for Rio and make your dog some healthy homemade jerky. As fandamonium sets in, don't forget a little national pride flair - we have plenty of DIYs for pet bandanas and accessories (like our no-sew NZ flag bow tie) that you can adapt to your own colours or local patriotic fabrics.  Have fun! Remember, treats are for spoiling your pup in moderation. Some dogs have special dietary requirements and/or food allergies/intolerances. If you are ever in doubt, have a chat with your vet.
*Tip: When making multi-coloured treats including black, do the black last. Mix your extra glazes or dough bits into a single dish of murky greige, and work from there to get a "black". You will need a black food colouring or edible charcoal, but I find adding a dash of carob powder really helps to darken things up with less artificial add-ins.

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