Monday, 18 April 2016

Oli's 10th Birthday (Sneak Peek)

We're sharing a post every day this week for Oli's big birthday bash, starting with this sneak peek at yesterday's pawty (a day early so that the whole family could have fun together).  As always, the guest of honour was happy to pose for a few smiling photos, even in the embarrassing hat, as long as there were treats! We love reading your birthday wishes for Oli, so please say hello in the comments or pop by our Facebook page or Twitter feed. :)

DIY details on how to make a reversible dog bandana like our black/white birthday bandanas and our squeaky cupcake softie toys will be posted this week, and the rainbow and pink tug toys were made using the same simple DIY method as our basic box knot woven dog tug toy.  We'll also be posting the free printable dog birthday tags, as well as the recipe and instructions for our layered dog birthday cake.  Other doggy snacks on the pawty table with be shared later in our usual Monday recipe posts. Stay tuned for more soon!

See all of Oli's 10th Birthday details, DIYs, and recipes:


  1. Happy 10Th birthday from Japan. Sending you lots of love. xx


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