Friday, 21 August 2015

Easy No-Sew Pet Bandana

This might just be the easiest DIY we will ever post!  This is a very quick (under five minutes) craft that ANYONE can do and it requires nothing more than some fabric and a pair of pinking shears.  As some of you may already have seen, Humphrey turned one last week and we had a little birthday bash to celebrate. No party is complete without a celebratory outfit! This super simple DIY is an easy way to create a little something special with next to no effort and cost. You can buy the fabric, use a remnant, or recycle and give new purpose to some past-best material from around your house such as an old dress shirt, linen, or a tablecloth.

Cut a triangle (half a square on a diagonal - i.e. a right isosceles triangle), such that the long edge (the diagonal cut) is big enough to fit loosely around you pet's neck plus extra to tie a small knot. If you aren't comfortable with guesstimating the size, you can use a collar as a gauge or loosely measure your pet's neck. Don't forget to add a little extra for tying. Pinking shears help to reduce fraying without the need to sew the edges. Simply cut and you're done!

All of the puppy party details and recipes are being shared so stay tuned! Our healthy carob carrot cupcakes with coconut icing (whew...say that 10 times fast) were a big hit, and the quadruple layer turkey meatloaf and mashed potato birthday cake was deemed doggone delicious by our very happy party-going taste testers.  There was almost a mutiny by the drool squad during photos. :)

Humphrey's First Birthday Posts:

Note: The little diagram below has been added in response to reader comments, showing two easy ways to make a basic no-sew bandana like the one described above and shown in this post (a simple triangle) or the slight variation of a center fold-over square style bandana. Hope it helps! :)


  1. do you have a pattern?

    1. Hi there! We didn't create/post a pattern for this particular DIY, but not to worry - it's so easy it probably isn't worth your effort to print one anyway. :) This now-sew bandana is simply a right triangle (e.g. half a square on a diagonal) so that the long edge (the diagonal cut) is long enough to fit loosely around you pet's neck plus a little extra length so that you'll be able to tie a small knot. Since the edges are pinked not sewn, there are no seam allowances to worry about. Hope that helps!

    2. P.S. If I get a chance later today, I'll try to create a quick pattern-style diagram and add it into the post above for you and anyone else who might be looking for a little extra info. :)


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