Friday, 28 August 2015

Easy DIY Dog Party Cracker

Here is the final share from Humphrey's first birthday! Humphrey enjoys helping with the recycling of all varieties, but he has a particular fondness for toilet paper rolls.  On his birthday, I made two very simple "party cracker" inspired treat tubes (one for each dog - nobody wants a birthday fight!).  These are a fun little novelty to add to a doggy celebration (I think we will make them for New Year's!).

The party crackers were made using an empty toilet paper roll, 1/2 sheet of tissue paper (recycled from a past parcel), and dog food to fill. Simply fill the tube, twist the paper, and press into the ends of the tube to hold.  For a more secure roll (these require handling with care until the rip-fest begins!) you could fold in the ends of the tube or use paper tape but, for safety, do not tie with string or elastic.

Once the ripping is complete and the delicious treasure enjoyed, depending on your local council guidelines, the ripped paper and tube can simply be recycled. Don't let you dog eat the paper. :)

Humphrey's First Birthday Posts:

Remember: Playtime is always safer (and more fun!) together. Know what is/isn't suitable for your specific pet, take care, and supervise. Any wrapping you may use for pets, wither store bought or homemade, is strictly for ripping open, not for eating, and may not be suitable for some pets.  

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