Monday, 10 December 2018

{RECIPE} Berry Bacon Barkmas Bone Dog Treats


Berry bacon barkmas bones...say that 10 times fast! :) These treats combine yummy strawberry (a dog favourite around here) with the irresistible scent/taste of bacon. Strawberries are in season during our Christmas holidays; however, frozen berries are fine for baking treats any time of year.  Any treat that gets crazy googly eyes from our beloved old Oli makes all the baking effort worthwhile! 

Monday, 3 December 2018

{RECIPE} Merry Fishmas! Naturally Green Sardine Dog Treats

It's beginning to smell a lot like Fishmas, everywhere you go... Oh my!  Super stinky and delicious, fishy treats are particularly irresistible to our boys. These are delicious and nutritious, with an all-natural green tint for an extra festive touch.  Pawfect for very good boys (or girls)! Woofs!

Friday, 30 November 2018

DIY Blue and White Hanukkah Spiral Fleece Dog Tug Toy

As promised, it's the bonus bonus post!  We were asked for a blue version of our Howliday tags for Hanukkah (see previous post for the freebies) and decided to treat you to a Hanukkah tug toy DIY as well. We love our furfriends of all shapes and spots, and it's pawesome when you send us a request to create something special for your holidays and events that we might not be celebrating ourselves. :)  No matter what the reason or season, did you know that blue is a great colour for dog toys?  One of the things we learned while trying to support senior dog Oli with his declining vision is that most dogs see on a spectrum of blue-yellow unlike our human red-blue-green, making blue and/or yellow toys the doggy version of "high-vis" fun!

Free Mix-and-Match Printable Howliday Dog Tags and Labels

We have a bonus post for you this week with a little freebie! We'd just started sharing our Christmas line-up when we received a reader request asking if we could make a blue version of our Howliday tag freebies as they were gifting goodies for Hanukkah. Easy peasy! Since those freebies are Christmas-themed in their design/format, with a combo of Barkmas and Howliday tags in festive red and green, I decided to create a slightly different Howliday set and share it in both shades of blue as well as red and green so that you can pick your preferred colour or mix-and-match between both sets if you are celebrating or gifting for both occasions. Since Hanukkah is about to start and we already have a full line-up of Christmas posts prepped, we're sliding these freebies in as a special extra outside of our usual Monday posting cycle.