Monday, 20 May 2019

FAQs, Tips, and Troubleshooting: Choosing Fleece for Tugs

As promised, we've created some posts talking about some of the questions we get most often here, on social media, and via email.  First up, we're talking about choosing (and using)  fleece for making tugs with tips for selection, value, cutting, care, and more. We'll share tug toy help for troubleshooting problems with weaving, as well as tips and tricks for weaving styles and techniques in future posts.

Monday, 13 May 2019

DIY Faux Fire Hydrant Garden Pee Post for Dogs

One of the things we wanted to try at the new house was teaching the dogs to use a designated location as their preferred toilet area, which for our dogs would require some sort of potty post. A fire hydrant would be perfect: great for any dog, but even more so for Dalmatians. Unfortunately, New Zealand doesn't use that style of above-ground hydrant, so buying an old/surplus hydrant, while a cool idea, wasn't an option. We decided to make one. 

Monday, 29 April 2019

Oli's 13th Birthday (Plus Surf'n'Turf Dog Birthday Cake!)

Wowzas! Our beautiful boy is 13!  Thanks for all the social media love and birthday wishes you've shared with Oli for his birthday. We're always grateful to celebrate another milestone together, but after Oli's medical emergency last year and Tiger's recent passing, we've been feeling extra mindful and thankful this time around.  Now that our little blogging breaktime for Easter celebrations and ANZAC Day commemorations is past, we're back with photos from Oli's barkday and the details on our latest crazy cake: a doggone droolworthy surf'n'turf layer cake!