Monday, 11 March 2019

{RECIPE} Bone Brothsicles Frozen Dog Treats

It's officially autumn here in NZ (although I'm hanging onto summer until the equinox!), but this past summer has been a scorcher! Perfect weather for cool yummy gummies and frozen treats These Bone Brothsicles were created along with Bone Broth Gummies (stay tuned for next week's post) when a batch of bone broth wasn't thick enough to set on its own for storage and serving. It was a sizzling summer day, so instead of just freezing it into broth cubes, I decided to stretch it out with a broth ice cream treat and a batch of yummy gummies.

Monday, 4 March 2019

"Gold Dust" St. Patrick's Day Gelatin Gummy Dog Treats

This little gummy is a just-for-fun adaptation of our simple green gummy treats that takes advantage of the way turmeric powder tends to partially settle in gummy treats to create a dusting of golden flecks. 

Monday, 25 February 2019

{RECIPE} Cream Cheese Chicken Dog Treats

These treats combine the irresistible flavours of grilled chicken and tangy cream cheese with tasty herbs, and use healthy add-ins to make a naturally green treat - just because! They are perfectly yummy au natural, but cream cheese dough is great for tinting and I felt like playing. As we were pre-prepping our St. Patrick's Day posts at the time, I went for green, but this dough would also make a great base for other tints. I may try a pretty pink beetroot powder adaptation next time!