Monday, 20 August 2018

Humphrey's 4th Birthday + Layered Lambcake Recipe

Woohoo!  Handsome Humphrey is four and all grown up. Where does the time go?  Did you see the impatient posers in my latest "milestone mugshot" snap?  Oh those rascals!  Sigh. Our Facebook furfriends and Instagram pawpals got a sneak peak at Humphrey's 4th barkday in last week's posts as we we took a month offline here on the blog to focus on recovery following Oli's health scare. And now, we're back. And we have CAKE!

Monday, 16 July 2018

{RECIPE} Super Simple DIY Dog Treats Using Coconut Oil

If you're into supplementing your dogs with coconut oil, here are two of the doggone easiest ways to turn that supplement into treats.  Like my love of gelatin gummies, coconut oil based treats are low-guilt treat in our house, turning dietary supplements into occasional small treats. Win win! I find making simple refrigerated coconut oil treats particularly handy in summer time when coconut oil has a tendency to be liquid at cupboard temperature in many homes (our place included).

Monday, 2 July 2018

{RECIPE} Doggone Droolworthy Anchovy Bacon Dog Treats

Bacon? Anchovy? Oh my! These treats are so doggone droolworthy the boys were absolutely beside themselves with anticipation of taste testing duty. Check out the big string of Oli slobber in this pic: