Monday, 15 October 2018

{RECIPE} Marinated Blackstrap Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Jerky is doggone irresistible to our boys, no matter what the flavour.  It's also one of the very few homemade goodies that our cranky old senior cat, Tiger, is interested in sampling. The dogs will very grudgingly share...hehehe.  Homemade dog jerky is very easy to make it is a great healthy treat option. There is absolutely no need to marinate at all - straight up plain jerky is our go-to meaty treat - but as we noted in last week's jerky post, by reader request we've created two quick and easy marinade ideas. Last week we shared our rosemary and ginger marinade and now here are the delicious details on our barbecue inspired blackstrap marinade.

Monday, 8 October 2018

{RECIPE} Marinated Rosemary Ginger Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Mmm....jerky!  It's so doggone irresistible to our boys, yet homemade dog jerky treats are super simple to make and are a healthy treat option. Perfect! It also happens to be one of the few homemade treats that our very picky senior cat is keen to share with his dog brothers.  For simple DIY dog jerky treats there is absolutely no need to marinate at all - straight up plain jerky is our go-to meaty treat - but by special reader request we're often asked about ideas for marinating so we've created two quick and easy lightly flavoured dog-friendly marinades to help get your kitchen creativity flowing. Here are the delicious details on the first marinade.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Free Printable Thanksgiving Dog Treat Tags and Labels

Woofs!  Who isn't doggone grateful for pets and all the love and joy they bring into our lives?  Thanksgiving isn't really celebrated here in New Zealand, but this special request freebie has been created for our furfriends celebrating elsewhere and is being shared a little earlier than our American puppy pals will be getting ready for their feast as our Canadog furfriends will be celebrating next weekend.

Monday, 24 September 2018

{RECIPE} Peanut Butter Gummy Dog Treats

Mmm...peanut butter!  That smell is so doggone irresistible!  When I first tried to use peanut butter in a gummy treat, it didn't work out quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  Peanut butter can be tricky to melt uniformly into a water-based gelatin mixture. Peanut butter is already an emulsion, and the usual emulsifier melting points are warmer than the ideal heating point for gelatin gummy making (overheating reduces the setting strength). So I put my human cooking knowledge and nerdy skills to use on a revised method. These treats split the prepwork, making it easy to create a nice uniform peanut butter gelatin mix that sets beautifully.  Yay!  Here's how they're made: